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About the Studio

About the Studio













Vision and mission

Like a star self-luminates through the release of energy produced at its core, you can be certain that Darkstar Productions will shine out with sound excellence that is delivered on time, every time.


About the Studio

Darkstar is a studio with loads of character. You’ll find instruments and mics everywhere and anywhere. The control room, the largest part of the studio, serves to accommodate clients viewing, producing and monitoring needs. The recording booth, finished in heavy gold curtains, is ready to record at all times. Live drums are always set up, as well as a wide selection of percussive and acoustic instruments. The chill room off the control room is perfect for breaks, with a kitchen and bathroom just off chill room.


Culture Of The Studio

Darkstar is a laid back studio with the focus on making the artist feeling as comfortable as possible. Best performances come from a relaxed frame of mind and Darkstar’s main goal is to create this mood, so magic can happen.