darkstar productions
Listen to Corporate recordings
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Listen to Artists recordings
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Darkstar is well experienced in the process of creating AVR recordings for your telephonic data base

Corporate voice overs
Professional voice over facilities. A variety of mics available to suite any voice

Pre Production / Post production
Darkstar covers everything from start to finish

Composition and Final mix
Tailor made compositions in any genre with final mix facilities to ensure professional audio on your finished product


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Darkstar offers a perfect environment to help aid the creative process. Many professional artists have used the space to capture their best work.
  • Album recordings – Darkstar has recorded many professional albums for companies such as gallo, sony, bmg as well as private indie releases. Fully equipped with all instruments needed plus facilities to record any instrument the band may have and want to record

  • Pre production recordings – affordable rates for bands to set up and quickly obtain pre production recordings of their songs to help with the process of choosing songs for the final album. Facilities for bands to play all together and get high quality cds of their sessions

  • Mastering – final stage of production is mastering. We offer pro mastering for DVD and CDs

  • Song writing and production – need help with your music. We offer help with song writing as well as help in producing your music to sound the way you dream it to


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Studio rental

There are three different optiona available for studio bookings:

  • Package 1 – hire the studio with Kevin as producer, engineer and session musician
  • Package 2 – hire the studio with standard engineer, your own producer and musicians required
  • Package 3 – hire the studio with no engineer, supply your own engineer